I am now Emeritus Professor of Digital Economy in the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham.

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In January 2024 I retired as Director of Horizon an interdisciplinary research institute funded through the UKRI Digital Economy programme. However, major projects continue and include the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub and the Responsible AI UK programme; I continue to work with these projects and various other activities in a freelance capacity.

Derek McAuley (disambiguation)!


See this blog(!) and the Horizon website; scroll down for publications; UK research grants are here. (Or if, as I suspect, these “person identifiers” embedded in the URL are transient search using this https://gtr.ukri.org/search/project?term=derek+mcauley.) Various other outputs can be found on both Horizon website and the Gateway to Research.


Mastodon: @drdrmc@mastodon.me.uk
email: derek.mcauley (at) nottingham.ac.uk

More Details

After a PhD and lectureship in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge I moved to a chair in Department of Computer Science at the University of Glasgow. I returned to Cambridge in July 1997, to help found the Cambridge Microsoft Research facility, moving on to found the Intel lablet in Cambridge in July 2002. A year working in Oregon for Intel from August 2005 until August 2006, was an interesting cultural diversion and improved the skiing enormously, but alas during this sojourn the Cambridge lablet was shut. Before joining Nottingham in 2009 I enjoyed the cut and thrust of two startups, XenSource (now Citrix) and Netronome. During my time at Nottingham (2009-2024) I also spent a fun year as Chief Innovation Officer at the Digital Catapult during its startup phase in 2013/2014 and more recently spent a short sabbatical helping colleagues set up Unikernel Systems (since acquired by Docker). My technology work has led me into policy matters and I served on the Furman panel looking at digital competition that resulted in the UK HM Treasury report Unlocking Digital Competition which seems to have added to the avalanche of activities around regulating platforms.

My research expertise is in ubiquitous computing, computer architecture, networking, distributed systems and operating systems, while my interdisciplinary interests include issues of ethics, identity, privacy, information policy, regulation and economics within a digital society.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and British Computer Society and member of the UKCRC, a computing research expert panel of the IET and BCS.

Publications etc.

I aim to keep this page up to date, but then I do that mostly by looking at what GOOG and MSFT have found out about me! So:


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Talks etc.

  • Networking with Revd Bayes, Multiservice Networks 2001.
  • Optical Local Area Networks, Cambridge University Engineering Dept Seminar June 2003.
  • Exploratory Research: One route to innovation, People Inspired Innovation III, September 2003.
  • Packet Traces: good for a small delta, invited talk at International Linear Algebra Society Workshop on Non-negative Matrices , July 2004.
  • Where is Moore’s Law taking us?, keynote at PREP 2004, April 2004; and, Annual Shamim Siddiqiu Lecture, University of Essex, October 2004.
  • Hamilton Bicentenary Year 2005 Public Lecture, Royal Irish Academy, February 2005.
  • Exploiting heterogeneous cores for network flow processing, keynote address, ANCS 2008, Nov 2008.
  • Case studies in Ubicomp commercialization, Grand Challenges Spring School, Apr 2009.
  • Some challenges in the Digital Economy, Activate 2009, London, July 2009.
  • Location in Context, LBS 2009, Nottingham, September 2009. [Slides]
  • Prepare for success, Activate 2010, London, July 2010.
  • Keeping it Personal, keynote address, PERCOM 2011, Seattle, March 2011.[Slides]
  • Locational Data: Opportunity and Fears, WebSci 2011, June 2011. [Slides]]
  • Getting Creative with the Cloud, CloudCom 2013, Dec 2013. [Slides]
  • CDEC Introduction, Workshop on Social Media, Bangalore, Feb 2014. Slides]
  • Horizon Social Media Research, Workshop on Social Media, Bangalore, Feb 2014. [Slides]
  • Evidence at UK Parliament Science and Technology select committee on Social media and real time analytics, June 2014 [Written evidence, video and transcript]
  • IoT, talk at EPSRC/FCO funded UK / Japan IoT workshop [Slides]
  • Data, what data, why does it matter and the potential for a ‘Databox’ ….., NIHR Mindtech 2017 National Symposium [Slides]


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