Tour de France in Artworks

ArtMaps continues apace, and most recently we mapped the Tour de France with Tate artworks.

So I wandered down to Pau to today's stage to see what was there. I was somewhat surprised noting the course goes through Lourdes to find a bicycle based place holder rather than a geolocated artwork - surely Tate has something for such a site of religious significance (that thought triggered not least by watching Monument Men last night!).

Off to the Tate website and search on Lourdes and of course there something - from the religious and colourful dichotomous Eric Gill "Our Lady of Lourdes".

But only one. And there's got to be so much more out there. Roll on the day that we can get a federated image search across all cultural archives and start to bring to life the richness embedded in these cultures.

Cultural API anyone?

Written on July 24, 2014