On the usefulness of log scales

In preparation for a piece I am writing I tripped over the following graphic in the OECD's recently published report on Measuring the Digital Economy:

Average data storage cost for consumer 1998-2012
Per Gbit

It just had to be replotted onto a log scale so I could actually see what was going on - yup darn close to a straight line (that'll be one of them thar Moore's Law things).

However, a big open data hoorah! and 1000 Internets to the folks at OECD who have published all the data for the tables and graphs in their reports so that I was able to do this. Long may this trend continue.

From: OECD (2014), Measuring the Digital Economy: A New Perspective, OECD Publishing.
DOI: 10.1787/9789264221796-en
Written on December 2, 2014